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Thanks to everyone for their comments and support for Manchester Jazz Festival – my post a couple of weeks ago is just one of many that have been springing up over the internet which is great to see! I think that shows just how important the festival is to so many people. Some of the ones I’ve picked up on are as follows:

Efpi Records‘ very own Anton Hunter

- Saxophonist, promoter and all round nice guy Phil Meadows

Sebastian Scotney of the amazing LondonJazz blog

- Various people on facebook including GoGo Penguin and the festival itself

If you’ve emailed in you’ll have had a personal response which just goes to show that the council are listening and will be taking this into account when drawing up the budget – if you haven’t contacted them yet do it now! The address to write to is

Sebastian’s post on the LondonJazz blog not only demonstrates the importance the festival has on the whole country’s jazz scene, but featured this video which I’d forgotten about and that perfectly sums up everything that it means to musicians, punters and the city as whole.

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Ronnie’s roundup

Thanks so much to everybody who was at Ronnie Scott’s on Wednesday, we had a great time and can only hope that you enjoyed the set as much as we did! There’s some photos below and a copy of a review from today’s Times – you can also find it online here (behind the paywall though…)

UPDATE: Fran Hardcastle from the always excellent LondonJazz blog was also at the gig – check out her review here.

UPDATE 2: So was The Guardian’s John Fordham – his review is online here or see below…



times 210111 edit

guardian 240111

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