pre-order Big Ideas NOW!

Ahead of the album launch gigs in Manchester and London this week (!) you can now pre-order your copy of our new album Big Ideas from our shop – you get an immediate download of ‘jazzwalk’ (listen below) and then you’ll get an email on the day of release with a link to download the rest of the album. If you order the CD, it will be despatched by first class post for delivery on the morning of the release date (UK only) for you to enjoy with your Frosties or other breakfast of choice…

As an extra bonus for early birds, if you pre-order the CD the postage will be FREE (normally £1 UK, £2 rest of world) and you’ll also receive an exclusive Big Ideas badge (below) to sweeten the deal even more. We’ll also all sign a handful of the CDs and randomly put them in envelopes so you might get one of those! If you’d prefer a copy without our scrawls though make sure you drop us a line… We’ll try to write neatly though, we promise.

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